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Thanks for taking the time to visit the site of the JOYRIDE Mountain Bike Clinics.  The clinics focus is on women, but is not limited to them.  I love to ride my bike and attaining better bike handling skills makes the aggressive riding so much fun.

So why attend a JOYRIDE Mountain Bike Clinic?  To gain the essentials of bike handling skills that will help you keep the rubber side down.  My clinics are smaller and more one on one to help you achieve your goals.  I have also devised some handy drills that women have found to be extremely helpful in attaining those well honed skills. 

The clinics focus on body position and how the proper body position is very important to good bike handling skills.  Everything starts with a good "neutral" position.  I like to call it center.  I will evaluate each person and work with them to assist in improving your bicycling experience.  From there we cover many other aspects of bike handling like cornering, rocks, getting the front wheel up and many other fun things. 

The first Joyride clinic was September of 2007.  Since then I have coached over 50 women in the Joyride Clinics. All of them came away with some new found skills.

Loeka has been one of my sponsor for the last two years!  They make excellent women' riding and outdoor gear.  Check them out at and the 2011 catalog below - will be available soon!

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