Fontana SRC#1 2011 : Joyriding on down the trail

Fontana SRC#1 2011

by Joy Martin on 01/10/11

To work on my training for the Downieville Classic retribution, which involves lots of pedaling, I decided to race Super-D this weekend instead of 4X.  The Super-D is good in a couple ways, I can get in some pedaling and save my afternoon to work on Downhill practice.  Racing Super-D helps me with time management and gets me saddle time so it is a win-win for me.  Literally.

The Super-D course was AWESOME!  It had less pedaling than the DH course.  How does that help training?  I would pedal to the start of the Super-D course, and that was a good climb.  The descent was technical with rock rollers and rock slabs and even a drop or two mixed in.  The course pushed the limits of my Blur LT.  The size of last drop is one that the Blur can still do, but you couldn’t see the landing as you came up on it.  So I walked up on and marked a location for take-off.    I pedaled into it really hard and hit it too far to the right and landed in the rocks and not the landing area.  Needless to say, I crashed.  I had raspberries on my knee, elbow and hip.  More annoying than anything else.  So I had to back and hit the drop of course and I staked out the correct take-off location for the next time around. 

I raced Super-D and cleaned my race run.  A couple of girlfriends from Santa Cruz showed up to race DH and cheered me on as I flew down the SD course.  Nova and Kelly are great and I love it when they come to SoCal to race.  I won the Super –D.

I spent Saturday afternoon practicing DH and getting ready for Sunday morning.  The DH course was also really fun.  It flowed!  I love it when the track flows and I could really pick up speed.  There were drops and rock slabs and rock rollers.  So I had a blast.  Sunday morning rolled in, the weather crisp and clear.  I was the first girl on track and I headed down the hill, I had one mistake, but the rest of the run was clean.  I got the 1st Place by a half second on a fast East Coast gal.  

I was really impressed with the courses that Donny put together this weekend and the Pro-payback is 50%, for Fontana that is really great.  The first 2011 race definitely felt different though because a lot of the usual crew was missing.  It would be good to see more ladies at the races. 

Cheers to the win-win for the first race and hope to see more folks at the events!

Racing Super-D at SRC#1

Racing DH at SRC#1

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1. Your biggest fan said on 1/11/11 - 05:41AM
congratulations fast girl!!!!!!!!!!!

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