SRC#2 and #3 - "Win"dy City : Joyriding on down the trail

SRC#2 and #3 - "Win"dy City

by Joy Martin on 02/09/11

Windy Fontana Racing

The last two Fontana Winter Series races have been an absolute bear with the wind.  I struggled to get down the mountain without being blown off because the wind was gusting. 

The courses for the last two races have been really fun, both rocky and lots of flow.  Both courses have had pieces of brand new cut lines down the mountain.  This is nice because after 4 years of consectutive racing it is nice to see new lines down the mountain.  

The race before last I had a bad race run, the course was challenging and with the wind it was even more difficult, one of the turns had us pedaling into the wind.  Without the wind the course was a really fun, but once the wind picked up it was the worst at one of the fastest sections of the course.  The place on the course you would like to go the fastest and the wind is blowing you sideways down the trail.  This is also the place to do some bump-jumping over rocks.  When I came through the section my hair was blowing sideways, you can see it in the picture below.  I got though the race with Gabriella right behind me.  I think that was my closest win ever at 0.20 seconds. 

The number of women racing seems to get smaller at each race, but the guys have a pile of fast men.  The race from this weekend was me and one other girl.  The course was fun and the wind wasn’t too bad I pedaled hard down the mountain and had a good time and picked up another win. 

For the 2011 season I have had three wins.  I have a streak going, we will see how long it lasts. 

The races have been fun to attend and given me challenges because of the wind and the new courses.  I hope to see more ladies soon and it was good to run into Maxine from Crank Brothers.  Cheers and see you on the trail.  SRC#2 Windy Day


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1. gina said on 6/7/11 - 06:34AM
Hey Joy, I love the race reports and pictures!

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