SRC 2011 Winter Series Finals : Joyriding on down the trail

SRC 2011 Winter Series Finals

by Joy Martin on 03/15/11

Fontana Winter Series Round #5

The last race of the Fontana Winter Series has come and gone.  It seemed like the series this year was over in the blink of an eye.  I spend almost 2 weeks of February in the Middle East for work.  It was a much needed break, because I had been over training up until that point. 

I got back 5 days before the last race and resumed training and riding.  I think I did a bit much before the race and was feeling a little jet lagged.  It takes 24 hours to get back from the Middle East and one of the flights was 15 hours long.  Plus I was getting up every morning at about 4am once I was back in San Diego. 

Saturday of the race I headed up to Fontana early and spent the morning on the DH course. The course was technical and fun except for one funky turn to a ledge.  There were a couple high speed sections in the course that I really tried to get all the speed I could.  I raced Super D on Saturday afternoon.  What a fun Super D course.  My props to both Donny and Joe Lawill who designed the course, I really enjoyed racing it.  The Super-D course was mostly single track with a drop and some technical sections in it.  My Blur LT handled everything with no problems.  I was the only girl racing the Super D course, but I was stoked on my time and the guy behind didn’t pass me till about 2/3 of the course had gone by.  So I was feeling good. 

Sunday I headed up early again to get in some warm up DH runs.  As I made my way down the course, everyone was stopped midway at the turn to the ledge.  Donny had closed the course and was changing the route.  There was a lot of discussion on changing the course, but at the end of it, the course resumed the original track.  This I was happy about because I had not practiced the change and had an hour to go before my race run. 

As Donny counted down to 1, I got on course and tried to be smooth and fast.  The technical rock section felt like it was over very quickly and I was pedaling down the wall.  My legs were burning and I just didn’t have the push on the flat that I normally do, jet lag.  The race was fun and Margaret got me by 2 seconds, congrats to her!  My winning streak was ended, but I had a good time and won the 2011 SRC Series Overall title for both DH and Super-D. 

Thanks again to my sponsors, Loeka, SixSixOne and Bike Bling for supporting me in the 2011 SRC Winter Series. 


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