Joyriding on down the trail

Joyriding on down the trail

Fontana Fall Challenge 2010

by Joy Martin on 11/22/10

Have you ever used your imagination to take you someplace because dealing with the immediate situation has you struggling? 

That was me on Saturday as I stood at the top of the Fontana race course during practice.  The rain was coming down sideways and I couldn't see a thing.  I was soaked to the bone.  If I made a fist water would come pouring out of my gloves.  I was asking myself what am I doing and I hope I make it to the bottom in one piece.  I decided to go for it and see how it turned out.  I took myself out of Fontana and went to the World Cup races this year.  Every one of them had pouring rain and I figured if they can do it, well let's give it a shot. 

As a southern californian we don't do much riding in the rain.  It is considered rude because it damages the trails.  So the only time I do ride in pouring down rain is if I am racing.  This doesn't give me a lot of practice.  As I headed down the course I tried to keep the mud and dirt out of my eyes and look ahead to the next turns.  The course go sloppier and sloppier as I headed down and I let go of more brake and started sliding.  I was able to keep all the lines and had so much fun.  I couldn't believe how fast I could go in the mud and rain.  I was smiling from ear to ear and hiked back up for another run at it. 

I had some great practice runs on Saturday in the pouring rain.  Sunday I headed up a little late, and it was pouring rain again as I drove the hour and a half to Fontana.  Once I got there the sun came out and the course started to dry up.  Pertect tacky dirt with mud in the low spots.  I got two quick practice runs in.  Then I headed up the hill for my race run.  It seemed like the beeper was off before I knew it.  I had a couple small mistakes, but had a lot of fun on the course.  There were spots I could pick up speed and get some air.  My run was over in a blink. 

I pushed myself hard on the wall, and I think that helped get my first place for the Fall Challenge.  Stoked for the win and thanks to the ladies for the awesome commraderie! 


Racing the Fall Challenge 2010

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