Nancy Harris - is one RAD gal!  She races Downhill at her age and kicks butt!!  She is an inspiration to all!   Years Riding: 25+  Age:54 and proud!     Family - I have a wonderful husband and have been married 30 years. We both love mountain biking and enjoy riding and racing together.  Career - Computer Support    Favorite Place to Ride: Every trail has it's draw, I can't narrow it down to just one.  Why She rides - " It's my passion and keeps me young. It also provides stress release and a sense of freedom and being powered by one's own self." 
Fun Fact: I grew up riding and racing motorcycles with my father which is why I love Downhill racing so much.  I have been riding bicycles on and off for 45 years and I took up Downhill racing at age 46 and haven't looked back since.
Amy Harris - IS one of the reasons I love to give clinics!!  She has progressed like no one else I have met, plus she is AWESOME!!!
Years Riding: 20+ currenlty rides on "La Reyna" (the Queen)                    Age: 42
Family - Married with a dog named Jack
Career - Elementary School Teacher
Why She rides - "my absolute favorite place to be is outdoors on a trail.  I am the one at the back looking around taking it all in and committing the trail to memory.  I love new dirt, but it's great fun showing someone else new dirt."
Favorite Place to Ride: ..I pretty much like all single track trails!  I absolutely love Gooseberry Mesa in Utah and Toad's in Tahoe.  Both are incredibly fun and challenging  "I love how I feel during a ride and after a ride.  It feels so good to clean a technical/ challenging section, either up or down, for the first time. "
Michelle Allen - She is one of warmest-hearted persons on earth!  Get to know this girl and your a special person to be touched by her!
Years Riding: 11                      
Family - Married
Career - Jr. High Language Arts Teacher (the best English Teacher)
Why She rides - "For the enjoyment of being outdoors. I love the swooping trails, breathing hard, and the thrill that comes with mountain biking...the views are amazing."
Favorite Place to Ride: Downieville - because it is everything I love in a ride. Sweet, flowing single track, with the perfect amount of chunk, breath-taking views, and 14 miles of downhill!  I also love mountain biking because I have met some great friends through riding. Mountain biking people are just so awesome! Go Ride!
Stephanie Gaudreau -This gal started her riding as a downhiller and is now a hard core XC rider.  She races 12 hour solo races and the infamous Vision Quest. It has been so cool to see her try all that cycling has to offer- crazy stuff like cyclocross too!
Years Riding: 7             
Family - Married
Career - Owner and Founder of
Stupid Easy Paleo
Why She rides - "Because it makes me feel free"
Favorite Place to Ride: Whistler because it is so beautiful and challenging
Riding Discipline: She has raced many different disciplines and likes them all
I am dedicating this page to the many women who I have ridden with, who have taken my clinics and have touched my heart. 
Thanks for all the smiles and inspiring me!
I would love to add more ladies to this page:

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Happy Trails!!