I started mountain biking in 1995 in the glorious California coastal region of San Luis Obispo, where they have some of the best riding on earth.  I started racing cross country in 1999 for Cal Poly Wheelmen.  I enjoyed the hardwork and satisfaction of cross country riding for many years.  The fun of riding up the hill was knowing that the sweetest singletrack was waiting at the top.  

After a while my bike handling skills improved and the descents became a roller coaster ride.  Instead of fear I was inspired by challenging terrain.  The adrenaline just took over.  I gained self confidence knowing there was a gnarly trail out there that I could conquer.  The self confidence I gained transfered to my every day life.  The confidence helped my realize I could do what I put my mind to.  

I started racing downhill in 2005 and have found that my calling.  The techniques I learned riding cross country for so many years is what made me a solid downhiller.  I took a two year break from racing to have my son and get him through his first year.  November 2007 I started racing again at the expert level.  I moved up to PRO in the winter of 2009.  Over the year I have developed many more skills to pass on.  It all starts with the right foundation though.  
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Stella -  Downhill Bike: 2014 Santa Cruz V-10   
Xena - XC, Super D and Enduro: 2018 Juliana Strega
Playing in the rocks on Mt. Woodson during a clinic (Dec 2014)
Seamus riding the Gatos Trail, 
Nov 2014 
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Jumping - So much Fun!!
Jumping in San Diego
Clearing the Finish Line jump at Northstar ProGRT Race
Riding Technical Iron Mt
Racing DH at Mammoth
Racing 4X in Mammoth - Anarchy down a hill
Racing Kamikaze in 2009 - A must have experience!
Racing the Fall Challenge 2010
SRC#2 racing DH on a windy day, my hair is blowing sideways.
Burning in corners at the Pine Valley Jumps
Playing at Trailside Park in Park City with rad ladies from the SLC area
Descending the infamous "Poopshoot" at Bootleg Canyon
Racing Dual Slalom at Sea Otter, 2014 - The berms were amazing!
Playing on the Sea Otter DH course! I love Jumping!