The intermediate clinics listed above are for folks who are at a comfortable intermediate and want to boost to the next level of riding.  I will show you many techniques that simplify the technical riding and make it a lot of fun, plus show you around one of the best riding locations in the USA.  

A typical clinic starts with a breakdown of proper body position.  We will spend the morning completing drills which help demonstrate the desired body position.  The drills are essential to understanding the techniques.  We will tackle proper braking skills.  The front brake has 70% of your stopping power and keeps you in control.  Learning to control your front and rear brake is essential.  We will work on switchbacks and cornering techniques and there are drills that assist with learning the techniques.  We will work technical sections and the best way to get through the rocks.  I will try at all clinics to cover beginning jumps and drops.  These will be small as to build confidence.
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Joyride Clinic Information
- BIKE       -HELMET       -GLOVES    - WATER
Recommended to bring:
-Knee and Elbow Pads           Bike tools: Tire Irons, Patch Kit, Tubes, Pump
-Sunscreen         -Hydropack         -Extra Layers in case it is cold
If you have questions or would like to sign up for a private clinic please contact me, Joy Brinkerhoff at 858-692-6975 or email me at  I look forward to hearing from you.  I will do smaller individual clinics upon request. 
Thank You! 
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Saturday March 19 - Hurricane, UT - Gooseberry Mesa - Intermediate Clinic focusing on Gooseberry style of riding - technical with lots of maneuvering using a different skill set 
Morning is the clinic 9am - noon - Afternoon is a fun ride! $75 

Saturday April 23 - Moab, UT - Dead Horse State Park - Intermediate Clinic focusing on technical
 riding- Morning is the clinic 9am - noon - Afternoon is a fun ride $75

Saturday May 21 - SLC Area - Possibly Corner Canyon - Beginner Clinic, open to anyone
June/July - will be in Park City and include some bike park fun with DH bikes! 
Starting the clinic in Hood River with the Dirty Harlots
Laura showing off her perfect form!
Yap.. yap... yap  (Thank you Colin for the great pics)
Jamie getting the front wheel lift down pat!
Lots of talking at the begining..
Moving to the forest in Hood River, Family Man!
Nikki showing her perfect form on the drops!
Laura having fun and looking good!
Kim getting some air time!
Just having fun!
Perfect aggressive form! Go Nikki!
Scoping the line down the rocks
Talking about where your vision goes!
Heather showing off her technical skills!
Laura showing us how its done!
Jamie taking care of business!
Kims big wheels and cornering skills go hand in hand.  Lookin Good!!
Working on those corners!
The Hood River Clinic with the Dirty Harlots Race Team!  These ladies are some amazing gals!  
Thank you so much to Colin Meagher for documenting the clinic for me! (Photo Credit: Colin Meagher)